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Casey Veggies – Sleeping In Class (Review)


Former Odd Future member, Casey Veggies, gives the deluxe edition treatment to the re-issue of his Sleeping In Class mixtape. As an added bonus, the retail release throws in 5 more tracks, a few additional guest appearances and some fresh new cover art. For those who aren’t familiar with him, Casey Veggies is an interesting character. He came up with Tyler and the Odd Future click, jumped ship just as they were gaining a serious buzz, proceeded to graduate from high school, and ended up dropping one of the strongest joints of 2011. Whether or not it was a wise idea for CV to leave the OF camp is up for debate. But after listening to his latest album, he proved he doesn’t need to ride the current Odd Future wave to be a successful artist.

Sleeping In Class showcases an enormous talent with tremendous promise. At 17 years old, Casey Veggies displays a rare sense of maturity at such a young age. He delivers thoughts and stories about life, school, relationships, his hometown of Inglewood and trying to make a name for himself. But given his short existence on this planet, he is somewhat limited in his subject matter which leads to the occasional recycling of concepts or ideas. However, you can’t help but think that will change with time and experience. There is no denying that this kid’s got some serious potential.

Production-wise, there are some truly impressive beats from a slew of relatively unknown producers, with exception of a few names. Brandon Deshay delivers a hands down classic with the “Ridin’ Roun Town.” In addition, the album also boasts some notable guest appearances The remix version of “Ridin’ Roun Town”, with Kendrick Lamar’s show-stealing verse, wasn’t featured on the original 2010 version and is definitely worth the download to your I-pod. The Dom Kennedy-assisted “Get Through” is also a standout cut that feels like mix between MF DOOM and Tyler, the Creator. And speaking of Tyler…the OFWGKTA leader is still homies with Casey Veggies. He drops by on “DTA” (“Don’t Trust Anybody”), and definitely brings the Wolf Gang flavor to the project, both lyrically and sonically with his trademark growl and distorted lo-fi production. Other standouts include “Euphoria II,” “…And Ever,” “The Weight of the World Theory,” and “Can I Live” with Mac Miller.

The skill that Casey Veggies displays may go slept-on by those looking for some sort of Odd Future fix, but Veggies successfully holds his own on SIC. Grounded in a reality that some of his peers reject, Casey never tries to exaggerate his life’s journey into an outrageous adventure full of drugs, murder, rape and dinosaurs. At 20 tracks deep, the record can drag at times. And it’s obvious that young Veggies is still searching for his identity. However, Sleeping In Class serves as a more than serviceable album for a younger cat like Casey. He’s been grinding hard for the past few years to get his name out, and with a wider distribution for this re-issue release, he has taken one giant step closer to achieving that. BCF recommended.


Ridin’ Roun Town (remix) Feat. Dom Kennedy, Kendrick Lamar by FlyorDieNATION

Casey Veggies – Euphoria ll (Prod. By Uncle Dave Beats) by Uncle Dave Beats

Get Through- Casey Veggies feat. Dom Kennedy by anwarcarrots